April 7, 2010 continued
After our arrival in Florence we left our bags at the well located Hotel Centrale (great service, personnel and rooms)we walked through the Mercato Centrale, the central market and on to the Accademia Museum, site of Michelangelo´s "Prigioni" or prisoners, and, of course, the incomparable "DAVID". This was the second time in only a week that I had seen the "DAVID" and it was still equally impressive. I guess you never get tired of a truly great work of art. Michelangelo believed that the only way into Heaven was to be led by art. No greater guide has ever lived. No photos are allowed so none appear here.
From here we meandered past the facade of the great Florence Cathedral with Brunelleschi´s famous dome, the Baptistry with Ghiberti´s bronze doors and down to Piazza dei Signorie, dominated by the massive Palazzo Vecchio, old palace. It was packed with people but pleasant because all vehicles are banned from the square. There is an exact replica of DAVID on this square which I did photograph.
We had a reservation for the UFFIZI MUSEUM (world´s best collection of Italian Renaissance paintings, which the previous group visited; no photos allowed here either for good reason: the flash damages the works of art) so continued on. In 90 minutes I guided the group through all the stages of late Medieval works, early and middle Renaissance and finally to late Renaissance. It was short but complete. 
Strolling back to the hotel we couldn´t resist the fantastic gelato of Florence. The flavors seem endless and one of the group´s favorites was chocolate amoretto. 
We ate that evening in the best trattoria in town, the Osteria All´ Antico Mercato, not far from the hotel. Excellent food and staff—and packed with Italians, always a good sign.

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