Great Pyramids



Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Memphis, original capital of ancient Egypt; Luxor with its spectacular temple and Avenue of Sphinxes; Karnak the largest ecclesiastical site on Earth with much of the 4000 year old paintings and hieroglyphics still visible; Cairo and the Egyptian Museum with the treasures of King Tutankhamun; the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx in all of their immense majesty; the Valley of the Kings with the world famous tombs; and Abu Simbel, site of the colossus of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. Enjoy the sights with your English speaking guide.  Luxury accommodations, a 4 day NILE CRUISE, all internal transportation and group airport transfers, flights from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan to Cairo, all included entrances, and breakfast, lunch and dinner daily as per program.     

[NOTE: ‘Temples’, a term used often below, were political, religious, and cultural sites as well as palaces and sanctuaries; they were the vital community centers, the ‘glue’, that maintained the successful Egyptian culture.]

Day 1. Flight to EGYPT!

Day 2. Arrival Cairo, transfer to hotel.  Overnight in CAIRO.

Day 3. Today we visit the NATIONAL MUSEUM OF EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION, newly opened in spring 2021.  The Museum holds the world’s largest collection of Egyptian artifacts from the beginnings of the empires in 3000 BCE to the days of the Roman conquest.  Later, we’ll visit the area of Cairo known as Coptic Christian and enter the chamber beneath the ‘Hanging Church’  where Jesus, Mary and Joseph took refuge when they fled Egypt and Herod’s order to massacre the male infants.  BLD. Overnight Cairo.  

Day 4.  This morning we motor to nearby Giza to view the gigantic and renowned GREAT PYRAMIDS.  So overwhelming in size are these structures, that even seeing them in person is unbelievable.  This afternoon we’ll visit the EGYPTIAN MUSEUM.  This museum houses, among other priceless pieces, the treasure trove of KING TUTANKHAMEN’S  TOMB.  BLD. Overnight Cairo.

Day 5.  Transfer to the Cairo Airport and fly to LUXOR, ancient THEBES, site of the smaller, elegant TEMPLE of LUXOR (built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II starting in 1400BCE, continued by Tutankhamun and various Romans and is the most design-unified of all the temples) and the monumental TEMPLE OF KARNAK (a complex of sanctuaries, kiosks, pylons and obelisks on a massive scale, over 2 sq km), linked by the just-reopened 3km long AVENUE OF SPHINXES.  The architecture and artistry are stunning.  Later we’ll transfer to our Nile cruiser liner.  BLD Overnight on board.

Day 6. Out to the storied VALLEY OF THE KINGS, a remote site in the Sahara Desert that the kings felt would protect their tombs from plunderers.  There are dozens of rulers buried here such as Tuthmosis III, Amenhotep II, Ramses III and Seti I.  It was here that KING TUTANKHAMUN’S Tomb was discovered.  We will be able to enter several of the tombs!  Later we drive to the TEMPLE of QUEEN HATSHEPSUT, the most powerful woman of the ancient world.  (Imagine what she had to overcome…..).  We return to the ship for dinner.  BLD Overnight on board.  

Day 7. We sail further up the Nile to the port of EDFU, home to one of the ‘newest’ of all our destinations, the Temple of Horus, the Falcon God. This was begun in 237BCE but on a site that dates back to 3000BCE and is one of the best preserved ancient monuments in Egypt.  After being abandoned, the palace filled with desert sand which protected the site from being plundered or destroyed.  It is dedicated to Horus who was the son of Isis and Osiris, two of the greatest gods in the pantheon of Egypt. There is an enormous falcon statue out front; be sure to get a photo with it.  We dock later in Aswan.  BLD  Overnight on board.  

Day 8.  An early morning start takes us across the Sahara Desert to Abu Simbel, less than 22 miles from the border of Sudan.  We’ll see Lake Nassar, created by the enormous Aswan Dam. The two sights here are world famous for this is the location of the Colossus of RAMSES II and his beloved wife NEFERTARI.  The monument was carved out of the side of a mountain in the 1270sBCE and compromises 4 massive statues of the pharaoh, like gigantic sentinels, nearly 100 feet tall.  Rediscovered in 1817 by Belzoni (look for his graffiti name inside the monument), the mountain side with the monument had to be raised 200 feet to escape the waters of the rising Lake Nasser.  Later we return to relax on the ship before dinner.  BLD Overnight on board.

Day 9 . We start with a visit to the lovely and graceful PHILAE, also rescued from the waters of Lake Nasser.  Then it’s on to the Aswan Dam,  the largest embankment dam in the world,  before we take an afternoon flight back to Cairo.  BLD  Overnight CAIRO.  

Day 10.  Out to SAQQARA this morning with a stop first in the ancient capital of MEMPHIS.  We then enter the area of Saqqara in the Western Sahara.  Pyramids here date back to 3100BCE, well over 5000 years ago, far predating Stonehenge.  Egypt’s largest archeological site, this is the original ‘valley of the kings’ because it was here that the first emperors of Egypt were buried.  The architect of the most advanced stone structures of their time, was IMHOTEP, also considered the world’s first physician.  The interior of the partially-ruined pyramid of King Unas from 4,400BCE, is spectacular and if possible, we will go inside.  This afternoon we will spend some time in the Khan Khalili Bazaar in Cairo, return to the hotel to pack, freshen up, eat dinner and transfer to the airport for the flight home.  BL

Day 11. Arrive in the US.

Rate includes :

–      Full Board basis (3 daily meals) start with Breakfast second day ending with Lunch last day .

–English speaking guide.

–      03 Nights Cairo accommodation Cairo at Steignberger Pyramids ( Pyramids View Room ) or Marriott Cairo or similar on BB Basis .

–      01 Night Cairo accommodation at Intercontinental City Stars Hotel or similar on BB Basis.

–      04 Nights Cruise on Board of Blue Shadow Cruise or similar on Full Board Basis .

–      All Transfers and sightseeing by Modern Vehicle/Coach .

–      All Entrance fees as per the above Program .

–      All Meals as per Program .

–      Abu Simbel visit by Bus .

Rate excludes :

–      PCR Test if necessary

–      Nubian Village and Hot Air Balloon option

–      Tips – Drinks – extra meals – personal expenses – Insurance .

LAND PRICE per person sharing a room TBA;  Single supplement is TBA.  Prices vary with season and holidays.  Transatlantic Airfare,  and taxes extra.

Payments: $1500 per person deposit with REGISTRATION FORM on the website payable by credit card invoice which will be sent upon receipt of Registration Form.  Balance due 90 days prior to departure.  See TERMS & CONDITIONS on the website.  Questions?  Send an email to [email protected]