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Mike Ross does it all! He skillfully navigates complex itineraries, airline schedules/airport maze, ground transportation, hotels, etc. His fluency in several languages is remarkable, coupled with his experience, knowledge & gracious manner. He never falters throughout the day! As repeat travelers we feel as if the tours have been custom created for us! You won’t be disappointed!

Marty & Mike, East Lansing, Michigan September 10, 2015

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We were on the Tuscany and Italy tours in April 2015. We expected to have a great time, and our expectations were, if anything, exceeded. Mike’s knowledge of European history, art, culture and architecture is really quite remarkable. In a country with 3000 years of fascinating history and overflowing with spectacular works of art, Mike gave us a well-planned and exciting guided tour that reflected his many years of travel and study.

Perhaps just as important, Mike’s management of the logistics of the trip virtually eliminated the stress associated with traveling overseas. We didn’t have to guess at hotels or restaurants; Mike had experience with all of them. We could just relax and enjoy the trip. We enjoyed ourselves so much in Italy that we are eagerly looking forward to joining Mike on another trip in April-May 2016 to Spain and assorted European capitals.

Jon and Julianne Robinson September 10, 2015

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We visited Tuscany and Venice with Mike last spring and had a delightful time. The most important feature of the trip is the small group with only eight people. With Mike acting as your incredibly knowledgeable personal tour guide, there is always time to ask questions and have meaningful discussions about the places you are visiting. We stayed in small boutiques hotels which were close to city centers or simply had wonderful views, like our hotel in Volterra, Tuscany, with a gorgeous view of the surrounding Tuscan countryside. Mike always has a surprise for you! One evening we all participated in “creating” our dinner at a charming Tuscan farm and later in the week, visited a sculptor living in Florence from Jackson, MI who had created one of the beautiful statues on one of the churches we visited. He gave us a tour of his studio and had dinner with us sharing his story. What a delight!

With small groups, off the beaten path hotels and restaurants with delicious food Mike’s tour was thoroughly enjoyable. We always had the flexibility to change up plans if we wanted. Forget doing huge bus tours with their strict itineraries, limited selection of hotels and mass feedings at buffet restaurants! As far as we are concerned, the only way to visit Europe is with Mike Ross. Thank you, Mike for an experience of a lifetime!

Jay and Betty Francies September 10, 2015

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We had a wonderful time, benefiting from Mike’s amazing preparation and dedication. Maximizing our travel experience was clearly a primary concern. Stress free, informative, efficient and personal, it was everything we had hoped for. Thank you Mike. Bruce and I traveled with Mike to Italy in October, 2014.

Sharon Harshe September 10, 2015

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I have traveled with Michael to Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and the London and Paris trip. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences and education on each of these trips. I will travel again with confidence in the safety and guidance of M. Stewart Ross.

Janell Bumpus September 10, 2015

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