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Mike is a vision as a tour guide.  Every tour he has hosted us on has been an educational dream vacation.  He knows his history, he knows Europe and you will see places that other tours will not take you to.

Food and fun are two words that summed up our tour of Tuscany.  Mike makes sure you get the best food that any town has to offer and at very affordable prices.  Traveling with Ross Travel is a dream and absolutely the most relaxing vacation I have been on.

I learned more about the life and death of the Third Reich in a week with Mike leading the tour than I could have learned in a several history classes.  His tours are organized and informative. The quality of the food and beverages make you forget about all those steps you have taken through history each day!

Steve N.


 We have known Mike for 30 years, but 2016 was the first time we traveled with him. He is a great guide and always interesting. He stays a boutique hotels close to the underground or buses. The restaurants he goes to always has fabulous food. Since 2016 we have gone to Italy, Sicily, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, and Germany.

Dex and Deb H.


Oh, gees! Where will I start and which stories should I tell??? The night we shut the pizza place down in Volterra, running back to the train station in Salzburg, watching you trying to politely explain what we’re witnessing on the Marienplatz when the Christopher St came to Munich, getting verrry happy at a wine tasting in Ihringen Germany or traveling with an escapee from Hogwart’s! Actually all those memories make me smile!! Terry and I will be happy to write a testimonial for you!! See you next week

Mary D.


Traveling with Mike is always an adventure.  Of course we see magnificent sights as well as some lesser known.  It’s comfortable having Mike as our tour guide; he is knowledgeable of history, culture, and it is easy to understand and interact with him.  The very best, though, is staying in small hotels, eating in local restaurants and meeting Mike’s friends who care for our group.  Enjoying the friendly companionship of the small group at a wine break in the afternoon, laughing together over the occasional mishap and the stimulating conversation at meals makes every tour unforgettable.   MARY W.


Our trip to Germany in June 2019 was our first traveling with Mike so we weren’t sure what to expect but it far exceeded our expectations. We first stayed in Ihringen at a small family owned hotel. It was beautiful,cozy and friendly. We traveled from there by bus and train to France, Switzerland,many small towns within Germany and then we were off to Traunstein where  we stayed at another beautiful small hotel in the heart of town. From here we traveled to Austria and again through out Germany. We traveled so many places and in each of the places we went Mike knew so much history about everything we were seeing it was amazing. There was never a question that anyone in our group asked that Mike did not know the answer. We went to the Eagles Nest and as soon as we got there Mike sat us down and gave a history of Hitler from the time he was a child until he came into power until his death. Many things we had never heard before in the history books we had read. Our trip was interesting and fun making us want to go again on another adventure.

We traveled again with Mike to England and Scotland in 2021. We had to traverse the subway to get everywhere and Mike never led us astray. We went to museums and castles the history of the area so overwhelming for someone from the U.S. where our architecture is a few hundred years  old to an area where architecture is anywhere from hundreds to a thousand years old and Mike could tell you history on it all, so fascinating. We would definitely recommend Mike for any trip, you will not be sorry in your choice.

Nancy B.


Egypt! Wow, what a trip! The tour Mike created and planned for us was a trip of a lifetime.  The sights, the flavors, the people were wonderful.  Our small group of travelers worked so well getting into places easily and what a nice group of people to travel with.  Egypt is such an exotic and historic country and our tour made that history come alive.  This was our second trip with Mike as our guide and we really appreciate how he takes care of all the details making the travel experience remarkably easy and enjoyable.


Ann Marie B.


We can’t recommend Mike’s tours enough. Our trip was cancelled due to Covid and he fought for us to be a part of this trip when traveling resumed. And of course, because of this, there were unforeseen roadblocks before and during our tour. He handled every circumstance with expertise and professionalism. We definitely would NOT have been able to navigate this trip without his knowledge. And as for the trip, we experienced an authentic Volterra trip, complete with the most beautiful accommodation, most delicious food/drink and Italian hospitality I imagine we garnered, ONLY because we were traveling with Mike. If you want worry free travel to the most popular and off the beaten path parts of Europe, Mike would be your guy!

Rich and Tami C.

Volterra, Tuscany Italy, Oct, 2021


Mike Ross is a rare gem. His outstanding knowledge of the places you visit, and the historical and cultural aspects can not be emphasized enough.  Mike has a clever wit, is extremely fun to tour with.

His care for his clients can not be overstated, often burning the midnight oil to ensure his travelers can get to and from cities even with the uncertainties of strikes by transport workers, or variable weather conditions. Mike finds the best places to eat, the most interesting places to visit, and knows things that can only be gleaned from decades of travel.

There isn’t another travel partner I would rather spend my time and money with. I consider Mike a true friend, not just a travel guide.

B.Smith., Marquette Michigan.


I discovered Mike’s travel tours through his exceptional German language class. Like his class, Mike delivers a truly one of a kind experience.  He is a master traveler and enjoys sharing this passion with others.  Mike’s sense of humor and knowledge of history is second to none and makes each day an enjoyable experience.

For those seeking to truly experience regional culture and unique sights most others won’t see, Mike is your man!  Craig S., Jackson, MI


Mike Ross is top notch.  I have taken two trips with his guidance and feel extremely lucky to have him at the helm.  Mike allows for your vacation to be an actual vacation by handling all of the research and planning (including amazing food experiences) and you just need to show up and have fun.  He focuses on combining a great group of likeminded people together, but also gives you the freedom to explore on your own.  My favorite part of traveling with Mike though, is his knowledge of each city you visit.  He provides the history of iconic locations that are unique to his own storytelling, allowing you to fully experience the wonderment.  If you get a chance to travel with him, I highly recommend it.


Mary Ann Crawford

I have been on three tours with Mike and am going on a fourth soon.  Each tour has been well-organized, interesting, and comfortable, with excellent accommodations and attention to detail. His recommendations for excellent local food were nothing short of amazing, while Mike’s story-telling talents made the history and culture of places and peoples come alive. With Mike’s small-group, individualized approach to travel, each tour quickly felt like an experience shared among friends.  

September 24, 2022

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Mike, thanks so much for an awesome tour of Egypt.  I can’t believe how much we saw, experienced and enjoyed.  Every day was an eye opener and a pleasure.  How you managed to coordinate all of those events into that space of time was quite the acrobatic act.  The meals were not only good but entertaining.  The Egyptians we met were so kind and gentle and really interested in us.  How nice as Americans to be treated so very well.  Can’t wait for my next adventure with you!

William Smith EGYPT, March 2022 Des Plaines, IL August 6, 2022

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I can’t thank you enough for an experience of a lifetime.  Words just can’t express how much I enjoyed my Italy experience and that was in large part to your expertise, organizational skills, knowledge of the history and just knowing how to do your job so well!  I can’t imagine having done this trip with anyone but you!  I certainly have memories to make me smile and last my lifetime.  You are an amazing and fun tour guide!  I will be talking about my trip for months to come and enjoying it all over again through the memories.


TUSCANY & ITALY TOURS April 24, 2019

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The reason I chose Mike Ross Travel for my first trip to a non-English speaking country was my confidence in what you offered. I expected to be comfortable and to see marvelous sites: and I was and I did. What I didn’t expect was how much I would learn. I really appreciate your time and effort to share so much knowledge about history, art, sculpture and architecture. If I’m not on your ‘no fly’ list, the Germany & Austria tour next year is very appealing.
Thanks again,

John Kennedy March 8, 2019

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Mike Ross does it all! He skillfully navigates complex itineraries, airline schedules/airport maze, ground transportation, hotels, etc. His fluency in several languages is remarkable, coupled with his experience, knowledge & gracious manner. He never falters throughout the day! As repeat travelers we feel as if the tours have been custom created for us! You won’t be disappointed!

Marty & Mike, East Lansing, Michigan September 10, 2015

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