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We had a wonderful time, benefiting from Mike’s amazing preparation and dedication. Maximizing our travel experience was clearly a primary concern. Stress free, informative, efficient and personal, it was everything we had hoped for. Thank you Mike. Bruce and I traveled with Mike to Italy in October, 2014.

Sharon Harshe September 10, 2015

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I have traveled with Michael to Germany, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, and the London and Paris trip. I am grateful for the wonderful experiences and education on each of these trips. I will travel again with confidence in the safety and guidance of M. Stewart Ross.

Janell Bumpus September 10, 2015

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We traveled to Italy in Oct 2014, we went to Rome, Florence, and Venice. I can’t even begin to put into words how amazing the trip was with Mike Ross as our tour guide. Italy was so full of history and beauty, the small group size was a plus for us, as you know traveling with others can have it’s challenges, but the intimate size when it comes to the end of a day and we could dine together, talk and share about all the sights and history was a highlight for us. I can remember coming out of the Sistine Chapel and Mike could tell it was a sensitive moment for me, and he actually gave me more time at the gift shop, his trips are not about shopping, but he could see I needed some extra time, I won’t forget that.

We like traveling with Mike Ross so much we went to Ireland with him this last June 2015, Ireland was much more laid back. Our small group again was beyond belief, We can’t say enough about the other three couples in our party of eight total. We loved all of Ireland, Mike was again right there giving us all of the History about Ireland, and we learned so much we didn’t know. The people, the food and the sights were spectacular, I truly didn’t want to leave. I really needed more time with the heart of Ireland and we hated to leave our group of lovely people.

We can’t even imagine having another tour guide, Mike lets you know everything that you need to do on a trip abroad, even down to how to pack. I appreciated the fact that you never had to question because he told you everything, and was at our beck and call.

Thank you Mike Ross

We are looking forward to another trip with you hopefully to Germany.

Frank and Linda LaPorte September 10, 2015

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We have been on 5 trips with Mike Ross. We have been to Ireland (2014), British Island (2014), Rome, Paris to London (2015) and Istanbul (2015). Mike’s sense of humor and depth of knowledge makes every day an adventure. We were in Rome the week the Pope was laid out in state which meant several adjustments to our plans because of crowded transportation and other closures in the area. Mike was able to still get us to everything we had planned and made it all seem simple. and Istanbul. We both love the organization and scope of Mike’s trips. Although we were in some of these places over 40 years ago, Mike has taken us to new places and made the old ones fresh in our memories. His sense of humor and depth of knowledge make every day an adventure.

Jean and Grant Shafer September 10, 2015

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It’s impossible to choose a favorite from the seven trips I’ve taken with Mike Ross, but the Imperial Capitals of Europe and Istanbul are standouts. Mike’s knowledge of the history and culture of each destination is amazing! Hotels are always center city and comfortable. I’m looking forward to the next trip, Spain, in the spring!

Cindy Hogan September 10, 2015