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We have been on 5 trips with Mike Ross. We have been to Ireland (2014), British Island (2014), Rome, Paris to London (2015) and Istanbul (2015). Mike’s sense of humor and depth of knowledge makes every day an adventure. We were in Rome the week the Pope was laid out in state which meant several adjustments to our plans because of crowded transportation and other closures in the area. Mike was able to still get us to everything we had planned and made it all seem simple. and Istanbul. We both love the organization and scope of Mike’s trips. Although we were in some of these places over 40 years ago, Mike has taken us to new places and made the old ones fresh in our memories. His sense of humor and depth of knowledge make every day an adventure.

Jean and Grant Shafer September 10, 2015

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It’s impossible to choose a favorite from the seven trips I’ve taken with Mike Ross, but the Imperial Capitals of Europe and Istanbul are standouts. Mike’s knowledge of the history and culture of each destination is amazing! Hotels are always center city and comfortable. I’m looking forward to the next trip, Spain, in the spring!

Cindy Hogan September 10, 2015

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My first trip with Mike was the fall of 2008. It was the Greece, Santorini, and Turkey tour. I found Mike to be a very personable,exceptionally knowledgeable in all historical and travel details of every place we visited.

Last year, 2014, I traveled on the Germany and Austria Christmas Markets tour with Mike. His detailed explanation historically as well as present day happenings of both countries was fascinating! He speaks and understands German as if he were a German resident and his translations and explanations to us were noteworthy. Munich, Salzburg, Traunstein and every village we visited Mike was the ultimate guide!

I so enjoyed these travels with Mike Ross that I am about to embark on his London, Southern England tour later in September 2015.

Ann Brook September 10, 2015

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I have taken many trips with Herr Ross, nine (9) to be exact. I guess this speaks for itself. The advantage in traveling with Mike in a small group is meeting new people and getting to know them. Laughter, food, and wine can always be expected. The educational aspect of his trips has broadened my interest and knowledge. The hotels are great, the restaurants are excellent and the organization is topnotch. I am looking forward to going to Spain this year.

Cindy Leavy September 10, 2015

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Educational, entertaining and fun best describes my tour, From the Alps to the Rhine in September 2014. Whether we were atop of the Alps or on the historic streets of Berlin, Mike Ross was constantly teaching us about the people, culture and history of each area on the tour. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and caring. Everyday Mike’s sense of humor radiates laughter among our small group of eight. This tour was truly enjoyable and an unforgettable travel experience. I am looking forward to traveling with him again to new and exciting destinations. A future tour with Mike is definitely recommended.

Art September 10, 2015