The German & Austrian Christmas Markets

This has got to be one of the best ways to begin the Christmas season. In the hum-drum and cacophony of rushing from mall to discount store to whatever, the whole feeling of an old time Christmas has been Largely forgotten in America. The markets in Germany and Austria are wonderful strolling plazas, filled with families enjoying mulled wine (hot mulled wine) and each others company. Hand-made ornaments and toys are on display and music fills the frosty air. This is what I look forward to.

I take off today for Frankfurt, enjoy a couple of days with old friends in northern Germany, then take the train to Munich to pick up the tiny group, only 8 people, as usual. We will stay a week in Ruhpolding, A small town near the Austrian border and Salzburg, In the middle of the German Alps. Beautiful.

More updates soon to come!